Rooster Run Game from Blue Orange

Everyone is seeking love. We all want someone who will hold us at the end of a bad day and tell us that everything will be okay. It doesn’t matter whether we are 80 or 5 years old. Some of us have it easy, all it takes is just one look, a beautiful smile and the one we want is ours forever. Others have to fight for the one they want; they have to go through trials and tests to show that they are worthy of them. The Rooster Run Game is the adventure of a lover trying to prove to the one he wants that he is worthy of her.

How Much is the Rooster Run Game?

At just under twenty bucks, the game takes you through the adventure of a young rooster who is trying to woo the heart of the hen on the farm. By digging up worms for dinner, you get the chance to woo the hen’s heart and make her fall in love with you.

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Who Would Buy It?

The game is designed for all ages. As long as you can feel love and be ready to do anything for it, then this is the perfect game for you. You can live your fantasy of chasing the love of your life through the rooster’s adventures on the farm. However, due to technical and practicability issues, the game can only be played by someone who is at least 7 years. The game is designed to be played by 2-6 players thus creating teamwork. Also you will have someone to console you when your heart is broken by the hen.

Things We Like About the Rooster Run Game

The game is a fun way to live your secret wishes of chasing that special someone who in real life you wouldn’t have the courage to go after. It helps you work through the challenges thus increasing your ability to overcome obstacles. The tile flipping is also a nice addition to the game giving it a mysterious aspect while still being enjoyable. The prospect of winning points for worth worms also give the game the players the vigor to only get the best

Things We Did Not Like About the Rooster Run Game

The game though undoubtedly enjoyable, only last for ten minutes. This takes away the thrill of continuous gaming as you have to restart after the ten minutes. When you disappoint the hen, you lose your dinner and your heart is thoroughly broken.

Is It Worth The Money?

Rooster Run GameMost games are only designed for entertainment. Roster run on the other hand has numerous other benefits that make every dollar you spent on it and every minute you spend playing worth it. Playing the game gives you a faster processing speed, better control and motor skills, increased visual perception and you have better focus and attention.

Where Can I Buy It?

The game can be purchased from Amazon. By ordering online, you can have the game delivered to you. It can also be found in other large toy stores.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone gets the chance to chase the one they want. However with rooster run you get the chance to chase her. You will have fun along the way. Don’t let the chance to get the one that got away slip through your fingers.

Rooster Run Game Order Link: Fun Memory Game

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