Lego Creator Vacation Getaways

Relax and chill out with this new three in one Lego Creator Vacation Getaways. The main build is a stunning RV camper vehicle but you can also build a yacht or a holiday home. While the camper van steals the show as the best build out of the three, you might prefer the boat or vacation home.

How Much is the Lego Creator Vacation Getaways?

The retail price for this set is just under $70.00 on Amazon.

Who Would Buy The Lego Creator Vacation Getaways?

Lego markets this set as age appropriate for 8-12 year olds and is a toy for girls and boys. However there are a lot of older Lego fans who would appreciate this beautiful set. We would say that it is suitable for Lego enthusiasts. It is a great project for all the family or for someone who loves RV’s and wants a nice looking display model.

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Things We Like About Lego Creator Vacation Getaways

Lego Creator Vacation GetawaysThis 750+ piece Lego set is a bit more challenging than most. However we are always happy to take on a new challenge!

There are lots of great details including 2 mini-figures, a Mother and Son as well as a little brown bear.

You can remove the roof of the camper van to expose the interior. Inside are a toilet, bed, kitchen area, sofa and television. There are also barbecue accessories, maps and suitcases.

More to Like about the Lego Creator Vacation Getaways

The camper van also tows a trailer and motorboat and there is a striped yellow canvas awning that doubles up as a fabric canopy for a deck on the second floor when you build the holiday home option.

Another nice little touch was that when you build the Summer House you also get to build a little yellow jeep to park outside it.

Things We Didn’t Like About It

All in all this is a quality brick build set and we liked everything about it. We did found the Yacht a little disappointing but this was more than made up for by the detailed camper van and the beautiful holiday house.

Another disappointment is that if we want to display both the camper van and the summer house we need to buy two sets!

Also strange that there was no adult male mini-figure but this isn’t a deal breaker.

Is The Lego Creator Vacation Getaways Worth The Money?

Lego Creator Vacation GetawaysThe creator sets are probably Lego’s most value packed as you are given the option to build three different models. For those that enjoy building brick sets rather than playing with them they are especially good value for money.

Where Can I Buy The Lego Creator Vacation Getaways?

It’s probably likely that you won’t be able to pick this up locally. Your best bet would be to buy it direct from an online retailer such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Each year LEGO seem to make even more stunning sets than the last and we could end up spending a fortune on these beautiful brick built models. The creator sets are certainly some of the most value packed and this Lego Creator Vacation Getaway set has plenty to offer.

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