Griddle and Crepe Maker

Making crepes has never been so quick and easy. Simply plug the griddle and crepe maker in to let it heat up, spread a thin layer of batter and watch it cooks in seconds. This electric Griddle and Crepe maker has a 12 inch diameter surface making it ideal for traditional French crepes.

Griddle and Crepe Maker Features

  • Delicate crepes and blintzes are made quickly and easily 
  • Has five different temperature settings, you’ll have precise control for perfect results
  • The batter spreader, which is an important part of making super-thin crepes, is included
  • The aluminium plate is also ideal for using as a griddle
  • Perfect for making stacks of pancakes, bacon and other breakfast favorites.
  • The On/Off ready light lets you know when the plate is hot enough
  • Rubber feet for extra stability
  • Includes recipes for basic crepe batter, fresh mushroom crepes, and blueberry blintzes.

Griddle and Crepe Maker Description

This electric Griddle and Crepe maker has a 12 inch diameter surface which is ideal for making traditional French crepes. The griddle features a non-stick aluminum plate and has five different temperature settings. The batter spreader is included. It is also perfect for making stacks of pancakes, bacon and other breakfast favorites.

What we Liked Most about the Griddle and Crepe Maker

It takes a little practice using the spreader but when you get it right, you will be able to make perfect crepes every time. In fact this crepe maker is really easy to use and your family will love have crepes and other breakfast items like pancakes on a regular basis.

What we Did Not Like about the Griddle and Crepe Maker

Although not really a complaint, this griddle and crepe maker does take some practice regarding the technique for making crepes. You will probably have to spend some time developing a suitable technique. You might have a few failures before producing a crepe that is presentable.

Griddle and Crepe Maker Order Link: Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12″ Griddle

More about the Griddle and Crepe Maker

Griddle and Crepe MakerThis crepe maker works like a charm! It takes only about five minutes to heat up before it gets really hot. For best results you should put it on level 2 or 3 and pour the batter right in the center.

That way you have some time to spread the batter around the surface before it firms up. You will need to control the thickness of the crepe because other wise it won’t be cooked evenly.

The edge of the surface is elevated unlike a traditional crepe make to help keep the batter from dripping down the sides.

The griddle is easy to clean and you will be a hit with the family and friends when you make crepes.

Girddle and Crepe Maker Video:

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