Go Go Smart Wheels Toys Blast‐Off Space Station

VTech now has a huge range of these Go! Go! Smart Wheels toys to collect. They all connect together and provide great educational play.

The Blast off Space Station like all of the Smart Wheels Toys encourages creative play, teaches cause and effect, aids language development and improves co-ordination and motor skills.

The set comes with a small rocket that sings songs and makes rocket noises. There is a larger rocket that your child can use to blast off the larger rocket. They can tumble the rocket ship through a black hole, take the Galaxy for a spin and get involved in all sorts of other Outer Space Fun.

All Go! Go! Smart Wheels Playsets use innovative SmartPoint Technology; this particular set contains 5 smart point locations. When you drive the rocket ship over the SmartPoint it will play songs, talk and light up.

How Much is the Go Go Smart Wheels Smart Wheels Toys Blast-Off Space Station?

This toy space station is priced around $35 will companion sets are priced at around the $20-$40 price range.

Who Would Buy The Go! Go! Smart Wheels BlastOff Space Station

The Range of Go! Go! Smart Wheels toys are recommended for ages 1-5.

If they already have any of the other existing sets this will be a great addition as they all work together. Boys or girls who are into astronauts or Space Ships will love this set.

Things We Like About Go! Go! Smart Wheels BlastOff Space Station

Smart Wheels toysThere is plenty of room for creative as well as educational play with this set. Children should get plenty of usage from it as it has lots of replay value. We like that all the sets interact and connect and there are additional toys to buy at a range of prices.

Things We Didn’t like About it

To be subjective we like to add both the pros and cons of any toy we review but this obviously is difficult to do since this is a very well designed toy. While all of the previous Go! Go! Smart Wheels get thousands of positive reviews online one point that we did notice is that they do seem to use up a lot of batteries if played with a lot. It will be a good idea to make sure that you stock up on cheap batteries if you are going to buy any of the toys in this range.

Is The Go! Go! Smart Wheels BlastOff Space Station Worth The Money?

It is priced the same as similar sets such as the Construction Set or Train Set and is priced between 30-40 dollars. The other Smart Wheels toys have been very well received and have been described as having ‘excellent value’.

Where Can I Buy The Go! Go! Smart Wheels BlastOff Space Station?

Smart Wheels ToysVTech are a major brand and the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Blast‐Off Space Station should be available from all major online stores and toy stores. If you haven’t checked out some of the other sets in the Smart Wheels range then check out some of them and the reviews over at Amazon.

Final Thoughts

All the other sets in this range have been very successful and reviewers have been very positive about the quality, durability and value of them. There is no reason why the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Blast‐Off Space Station won’t be another best seller.

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