Betty Crocker Pizza Maker Review

Do you like making pizza at home but you don’t like how they turn out? Are they often not as crispy as you would like? Then for fast, delicious, restaurant quality pizza the Betty Crocker Pizza Maker will deliver at home.

You can also make quesadillas, nachos, mini frittatas, quiche, croissants, giant cookies, and hors d’oeuvres with this pizza maker. The nonstick coated baking plate bakes the crust to perfection and makes cleanup easy. Now you don’t have to waste all that electricity when you turn on the oven to make pizza.  Just reach for this pizza maker instead.

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker Features

  • The pizza oven is fast, fun and energy efficient
  • The oven bakes 12 inch pizzas with a crispy crust
  • The nonstick coated baking plate makes clean up easy
  • It will bake homemade pizzas or flatbread with your favorite toppings

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker Description

Betty Crocker Pizza MakerThe shape and size of this pizza maker makes it perfect for a quick and easy frittata for Sunday brunch, giant chocolate chip cookies for your child’s birthday party, omelettes for the family, quesadillas and nachos! Meal and snack ideas are included in the packaging.

The pizza maker has a dual heat lid and base with floating hinge. It has a compact design and sturdy construction plus it is easy to tuck away when not in use. The cord-wrap keeps things neat and simplifies storage even more.

What we Liked Most about the Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

This pizza maker takes a frozen pizza and turns it into a crispy and delicious meal. You can make so many more items with it such as eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese, Panini and quesadillas. Both the top and bottom of the heating surfaces are nonstick which makes it easy to clean up.

It doesn’t take up much room on the counter and can be tucked away easily in a cupboard when not in use.

What we Did Not Like about the Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

One of the few drawbacks with this machine is that there is no timer and no way to adjust the temperature. The cooking top is fixed so you won’t be able to remove it to clean it.

Also when you turn it on there is a red light indicating that the machine is preheating. After a few minutes a green like will come on to indicate the machine is ready. If you don’t add your food within a few minutes, the machine will turn off.

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More about the Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

Betty Crocker Pizza MakerIf you love to entertain and make your own pizza you will find this machine will make you look like a real pizza chef. You will be able to bake 10 inch pizzas that have a delicious, crispy crust.

You can make pizza from scratch right in the machine or you can cook frozen pizzas. Frozen pizza takes between 10 and 15 minutes to bake while fresh pizza takes about 20 minutes to bake.

For entertaining you can also make hors-d’oevres. You can buy those frozen snacks and just add to the pizza maker. They come out done to perfection. Your guests won’t know they were frozen before you baked them. You can even make cinnamon buns!

There is a power on and temperature ready indicator lights.

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker Video:

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